‘Where We Began’ – The Script

by alexmasonphotography

We chose the title of ‘Where We Began’ because it signifies the idea of what Chris talks about in the narrative of what his dreams were about becoming a freerunner and being able to do the stuff that they do in the movies.

The script below was written by the freerunner Chris Kinally.

I chase the feeling of complete control over my body. Developing the coordination and trust to be able to move myself how I want. I have always been driven by the fact that this is not ‘normal’.

People aren’t supposed to do what we do. Its classed as a fantasy, something you admire in movies. Something kids dream of being able to do. Through my own determination I made it a reality for me.

A huge part of my training is completely psychological. The potential of the human body is very inspirational for me. I see freerunning as releasing this physical possibility creatively. I don’t see walls as obstacles but opportunities to use this potential and enjoy moving like I always wished I could. I see things differently now.

I can’t stop noticing structures that would give me the opportunity to move creatively. Be it a wall, tree or just a curb each environment brings new opportunities to not only move and challenge myself but to enjoy moving.

I do what I do because it’s fun and it brings me instant gratitude.