#phonar – Info and Organisation

by alexmasonphotography

This having been the most professional film I have ever started trying to produce has mad me realise how much work goes into productions.

Before the start of term I knew I wanted to make a film about freerunners for phonar and I haven’t stopped thinking, worrying, planning, dreaming about it since the word go.

The fact that we are relying on good weather is a massive thing. About a week before each shoot we have had I have been almost obsessive at checking BBC weather to make sure the weather is going to be ok for the running conditions.


I have been organising the soundtrack and one of the things I have found most difficult about making this trailer is that I don’t have a budget so everyone in my team is doing what they do for free and off their own back which I appreciate more than anything. There is a fine balance between being direct and getting what you want out of people whether that be the composer, freerunners or me persuading my brothers to let me use the car for the days of the shoot. There are so many things to take into account that you don’t realise until trying to achieve your dream film. I have had to tell the composer to ‘take instruments out, get rid of this whole section, move the piano to the end’ etc.

I don’t want you to read this as if I am having a rant, I am perfectly happy to do all of this, I am simply expressing how time consuming and draining it can be. I enjoy doing what I have been doing.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 16.11.33 copy

I have been trying to keep a small audience’s attention so that when I release my trailer I will have some people to reach out to so that they can appreciate the fruits of our labour and maybe share it with  a friend. I have been doing this by sharing information on a Facebook page and tweeting sneak previews of footage.