#phonar in conversation with Matt Ford

by alexmasonphotography

Jonathan Worth invited me to listen in on a conversation with Matt Ford one of three founders of Vignette Interactive. The conversation can be found on the #phonar site here matt One of the things Matt said that stood out for me was how important collaboration is and how it is very rare to find somebody that can do all the jobs that are required to make a good film. Don’t try and be the loan wolf and do everything yourself. It is important to create a business model that involved lots of people that are very skilled at a specific job for example, a sound technician and an editor. I received some great information and advice from Matt about the importance of ambient sounds including the suggestion of doing the first edit without any backing music and just trying to tell the story with ambient sounds. Whether I will have had time to have recorded and edited all of this before #phonar I do not know but it is an great thing to consider for when I make my full film.