A Post Photographic Portrait – Reflective Review

by alexmasonphotography

You should source and develop a subject whose story you tell through the production and broadcast of a “A Post-Photographic Portrait”; a phrase that we will investigate and clarify over the course of the module. Your decisions throughout this process should build upon and further develop the work we’ve begun in creative workshop and throughout the lecture series. This process should be evidenced explicitly and succinctly in your sketchbook, as a 500 word reflective summary.

The subject I chose to tell the story of is a freerunner called Chris Kinally. When he is not at school he spends his time expressing his creativity by running through different environments with all kinds of terrain, ‘He chases the feeling of complete control over his body’. I have always been fascinated with freerunners and most things that are action based and almost not human which is why I have decided I want to tell stories about this. I have made a trailer/teaser for #phonar and plan to carry on with a full short film for my 60 credit exit module, which will ideally promote and dictate my future somewhat. I really believe in this and hope that people take me seriously when I say this. I am doing it for me.

I have been learning lots of story telling techniques from talented film makers. The films I draw inspiration from are extremely important in the way I tell my story and I am not afraid to admit that. The workshops and tasks throughout the module have really helped guide and assist my practice and learning and I hope that this will be made apparent with the video that we have made.

Having gained an interest for story telling and moving images, I thought for the first time throughout this degree of making a film for this module without still images. I haven’t regretted a bit of it. Having gained experience in moving images by making films of my brother playing music with a narrative and various other miscellaneous films it has given me the confidence to tell stories for my university modules.

I chose to collaborate filmmaker and friend James Hollins, who was in the year below me at school. Like Matt Ford said when he joined us for #phonar ‘being a one man band in multimedia is not a great business model’. The idea of collaboration means bouncing ideas, trying new things and putting yourself out of your comfort zone and not being alone in the process. I am all for it.

As well as applying for arts funding programmes such as Kick-starter and Sky Arts bursary I have been using a Facebook page and Tweeting teaser shots trying to build an audience and gain a buzz around the work so that I have people to reach out to when I want to get my films shared.

Since before the word go I have put everything into this project and haven’t stopped thinking, dreaming, organising and imagining the potential and my pre visualisation of what the end product could be. I imagine the places this film could take me if I pull it off well. Even if it doesn’t work out how I had planned or I don’t pull it off, I will have learnt a hell of a lot along the way and will know how I can better myself next time.  I have been developing ideas with the use of ambient sounds, narration, story telling and visual communication.