350MC – Kirby Ferguson: Embrace the remix

by alexmasonphotography

After watching Kirby Ferguson’s ‘Embracing the Remix’ I felt a significant amount of encouragement and motivation to not let the idea of worrying too much about appropriation get the better of me. I guess for example, say I use the same style when taking my photos as that of Marcus Bleasdale but the subject to my photos is completely different it is okay to be like that. It is like Bob Dylan using the same melody that a previous artist has already used but changing the lyrics. I

I think with this idea of embracing the remix one needs to respect and recognise the work that previous practitioners have created which is what I think it is important to do your research. Ideas must come from somewhere even if you don’t realise, just like Bob Dylan with one of the songs mentioned in the video. It’s similar to when we look at cars the origin.

Marshall McLuhan – “We drive into the future using only our rear view mirror” meaning we only understand new concepts of media because of things that have come before it.