350 MC – Is Everything a Remix?

by alexmasonphotography

Is everything a remix?
(Reflections on TED talk by Kirby Ferguson Everything is a Remix)

Luca the last universal common ancestor, a gene that is copied and sometimes mistakes are made much like when appropriation artists build upon the works of others now.


Ideas evolve from the old ones and ideas are regarded as property. Ideas aren’t so tidy, they are layered and tangled. Ideas were free Shakespeare’s works were openly copied and built upon. Original creations can’t compete with the price of copies.

We hate loosing what we’ve got, people have higher value of loss rather than gains.

Steve Jobs was often boastful about apples history of copying “we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas” but he would get a deep grudge against none who dared to copy apple. “I’m going to destroy Android because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this” (Jobs 2010)

When we copy we justify it when others copy we disapprove of it. “Most of us have no problem copying, as long as we’re the ones doing it” (Ferguson 2013)

In 1981 George Harrison subconsciously copied the song he’s so fine by The Chiffons in his ballad My Sweet Boy, George lost a court case worth $1.5 billion dollars.

Many songs that were clearly or questionably appropriated never ended up getting taken to court, Ray Charles “I Got a Woman” was based on the gospel song It Must Be Jesus by The Southern Tones. Kanye West then released a song with the sample of Ray Charles I Got a Woman.

When patents for software were created, companies would write out their patents in the broadest language to get the highest possible protection with no areas uncovered. 62% of all patent law suits are now over software. This is due to how unclear the patents are. The overall money loss through these kind of things going to court is $500,000,000,000. So people and organisations start to try and find flaws in electronic patents to try and make profit. People have jobs to find flaws in these and go to court. Some life ay?

Paul Allen of Microsoft claims basic web features like related links, recommendations because of the broadness of his patent. He ended up suing companies such as google, eBay, apple, youtube, Facebook and Netflix.

So I guess it is up to us. It’s social evolution, it is about what we think is right and wrong, whilst trying to ignore greed and influences like money.