350MC – Is Everything a Remix?

by alexmasonphotography

Kirby Ferguson says that the act of creation is surrounded by a fog of mist, myths that creativity comes via inspiration, that original creations break the mould and that they are the products of genius’ and appear as quickly as electricity can heat a filament.

“It happens by applying ordinary tools of thought to existing materials”

Copying is how we learn. Bob Dylans first album contained 11 cover songs. Hunter S. Thompson retyped the great Gatsby just to get the feeling of writing a great novel.

We need copying to build a foundation of copying and understanding, nobody starts out original. It’s not to say that copying is a bad thing, if people didn’t copy ideas then we wouldn’t have cars or toasters or other appliances and functioning objects that we take for granted every day. The typewriter was modelled on a piano and we still use this keyboard model today with our laptops and our touch screen keyboards.

Objects and ideas come about by the combination of many peoples thoughts, and progressions. Image

The internet wasn’t built by one person.




Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell filed patents for the telephone on the same day.

Multiple Discovery. We are all building with the same materials.