350MC – Seen it Be-Tore – Reflection

by alexmasonphotography

Seen it Be-tore 

I wanted to briefly reflect on this blog post from 2013 that is talking about fashion and design. The first line of the article is “Is imitation truly the highest form of flattery? Or is it merely a lack of originality?” This seemed pretty relevant to my presentation piece about appropriation, theft and the remix. It made me come back to my question, is anything original? I think it is more realistic to believe that the combination of many original components can create something new but we all need each other to be able to create and combine. The Alexander McQueen piece from 2012 was most probably inspired by something that he had seen before. Ideas don’t just spring out of nowhere, they are collected through time.   Slide06-640x480

Alexander McQueen FW 2012 ready-to-wear and Giambattista Valli FW 2013 Couture


Céline FW 2012 ready-to-wear and Christian Dior FW 2013 Couture

It appears that taking inspiration as literal as these comparisons depict is a common thing with in fashion much like how it is a common thing in music and photography. “It wasn’t a pattern here or appliqué there, however many houses took direct inspiration from the past, similar to how Joseph Altuzarra famously paid homage to Tom Ford’s fall/winter 2003 ready-to-wear Gucci show forfall/winter 2010.”