354MC – Task 1

by alexmasonphotography

Reflective summary about my plan for when I leave University (to include in the appendix of my final PDF portfolio).

So I have had a pretty clear plan of what I have wanted to do for a while now, part of which is creative based and part of which is networking and recruitment based. I have been working with a company called ClubCo for the past two months now. We are the worlds cheapest e-ticketing company that allows creators of events to sell tickets through our website that has an integrated social networking platform. To find out more visit www.theclubco.co.uk. I am the manager of recruitment and representative management and aim to work hard enough to earn equity in the company. My role involves lots of communication with the directors of the company and the representatives that I manage. I am the middle man and currently get paid commission on the tickets that are sold.


Whilst doing this and earning money I aim to carry on enhancing and building my film portfolio and production company AJ Media whilst taking on film jobs when I can. I already have two film jobs set up one of which is making a music video for a band called Will and The People who I met after a gig I went to see. I got chatting to them and told them about what I did. They asked me to send them some work of mine so I sent them the teaser video for the film I am currently working on which is a film about freerunners.

I very quickly received an email back from the lead singer of the band saying…

2/16, 5:46pm – Will Rendle – “Hello Alex.. I saw your taster and I think it’s brilliant.. Good vibes!! We should talk soon I would love you to make a video for us . I have your number … W”

I will also be directing and producing a promotional video for the company ClubCo that I am working for. It will be a short story to advertise the product we offer using some celebrity endorsements such as Tyger Drew-Honey from the hit show Outnumbered and Taylor Lautner from Twilight.

So in the same way that my university lecturers have business/jobs outside of the university, I will essentially be working a similarly structured lifestyle to them by juggling between my main source of income at ClubCo and my passion and creative job with my company AJ Media.

AJ Media started in November 2013. So far the company consists of myself and my good friend and extremely talented cinematographer James Hollins, however we love to collaborate and work with other like minded people. We work well together and have an empathy towards our subjects as well as scarily similar pre visualisations of our projects.

Excited about the future!