352MC – Proposal 1st Draft

by alexmasonphotography

Freerunning is described as ‘the art of expressing oneself in ones environment without limitation’. We often associate freerunning with home video clips circulating around our Facebook and Twitter feeds and have seen it in adverts and films for example the opening chase scene in James Bond’s Casino Royal.


(Film Still – Casino Royal – 2006)

I have been working on a film since October 2013 called Where We Began. It is a film about freerunners. One normally associates freerunning with urban environments, however in my film I am to enlighten the audience with stunning aesthetically pleasing footage of freerunners in the forest. It is the same forest that I used to spend time in whilst growing up in the countryside.

I believe that having an empathy with the environment that I am working in brings the best out of my creativity.

The film will have a fictional narrative based on a factual lifestyle. The participants are freerunners Chris Kinally, Mark Woodland and Danny Morgan. I will be working alongside cinematographer and my good friend and  producer James Hollins. I will be directing, producing and filming this with James.

It is very important for the participants and myself to collaborate to the best of our ability to create visually stunning media as well as a story to provoke thoughts and tension. When interviewing Mark he said “The forest is ever changing, you come back to the forest after having not been for a week and a tree has fallen down, there is so much scope to try out new things, the possibilities are pretty endless” and whilst speaking with Chris said “The freedom of being away from the eyes of the city is a big appeal”.

The intentions of delivering the film to the world is to enter several film festivals as well as plug it through my social networks and followers on Vimeo. Judging by the stats since we released the teaser video 2 months ago there is certainly interest in the film with people commenting how they are looking forward to seeing the whole thing so we are hoping to take this audience through with us until we release the full film.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 11.53.51

We have also been building and maintaining an audience by regularly updating our Facebook page when we are active during filming and editing.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.04.03 copy 2

I have taken inspiration from the work of Bertil Nilsson’s ‘Natural‘. The movement that he captures in his photographs amongst nature is stunning. I have also taken inspiration from Mickey Smith’s Dark Side of the Lens it has been a strong motivation in my life not only in terms of my creativity but my outlook on life.

I will be exhibiting this film and an exhibition amongst my colleagues at IMG19. I will create a booth within the exhibition for the viewer to watch the film in. It will be viewed on either a mac or a projector with two pairs of headphones for the audio. The viewers will be sitting on tree stumps to add an authenticity and engagement to the piece. I would also like to situate this work on London Southbank by taking a mini projector around with me. I like the idea of the work being bought back to it’s so called routes in the city.