352MC – Borrowing a Camera

by alexmasonphotography

Throughout the production of my film I have been looking to use a RED camera for one of the shoots I have planned. We need the RED for it’s amazingly high resolution and dynamic range in low light.

At first I had a friend that owns one of these cameras and he was going to help me out on the shoot but unfortunately for us he has been booked for the foreseeable future.

I have been emailing loads of companies that sell or rent out these cameras and happened to get an email back from somebody that is interested to start a conversation about lending me one, the catch is… he lives in Texas. He is completely aware of the fact that I have no budget to spend on renting one of these let alone buying one so I was humbled by his response. Hopefully something will come of this!

I also have several people trying to help me out in various places around the country.

Fingers crossed…!

aa36b_RED-EPIC-S35-5K-Cine-configurationSince the above post I have recently heard back from RED headquarters who explained that they receive requests like this “literally every single day” but they love the idea of the project and they have forwarded the email through to RED’s internal creative department so fingers crossed again. In the worst case scenario I might be able to rent one out for a day but we will see how things pan out.

*Update* I have just heard back from a member of a company that I emailed about borrowing a RED and he is going to see what he can do for me, it is looking positive. He ended the email with “I was at Cov myself, so I’ll see what I can do for you!”