352MC – Further Discussion on Distribution, Collaboration and Audience

by alexmasonphotography

Further details on distribution, feelings on collaboration and how I want the audience to feel having seen my film.

Another place and method in which I would like to show people this work is by be situating this work on London Southbank by taking a mini projector around with me and projecting it on walls around the city for people passing by to stop and engage with. This is where the work needs to be seen, brought back to it’s roots in the city where there is a constant buzz and a contradictory nature to the serenity and tranquility that being in the forest has to offer.

The forest has a unique significance to me because I have fond memories and a fascination with this kind of environment. By placing the athletes here the project becomes a more harmonious and collaborative piece. It is only by collaborating and communicating thoughts, themes and ideas between everyone involved that we can progress in a way that suits everybody to create and develop the final product.

With the films that are spoken about on the following blog post (See blog post about films) the impact that they all have whether they are short films or standard length films left me feeling like I wanted to watch more and learn more. This is exactly how intend to leave my audience feeling. Not only will this be effective for the viewer but it will also resonate with judges at film festivals and competitions.