352MC ‘Pines’ – Tim Bowditch

by alexmasonphotography

I stumbled across this interesting photographer and filmmaker Tim Bowditch. He has done some beautiful work in the forest with pine trees.

He combines ambient sounds with this scenic photo of the pine trees. The sounds that are recorded don’t instantly match the photo. It makes me question the photo and use my imagination. It goes to show that not everything needs to be literal with audio and visual for it to be effective and powerful.

Click on the photo below to go to his website.


Whilst looking at this image and listening to the soundscape I start to paint an image in my head of what is happening in the rest of the scene, the 360 degree scene. What is making these sounds. This works in imagery alone also. For example in the teaser video for the film I am working on Where We Began we don’t always show the audience the whole thing, we show close ups of the hands for instance or the feet that the freerunners use to propel themselves into the air. The viewer sees the feet and it puts emphasis on how valuable this part of the body is for a freerunner.