352MC – A Poem

by alexmasonphotography

Upon her crystal shores… waves of shimmering light.

Part of a larger symphony near water’s edge.
Under tall pine a leaf gently spirals to the ground.
A small note… unheard by most. A piece of that song.

A myriad of light from so far away… but really not so far.
A glimmer highlights the base of tall pine.
Blending with the fallen leaf’s song.
A neighbour’s melody of change.

A different forest. A new time.
Within the sounds… a symphony.
Within the rhythm… a remembrance.
A note heard by those who choose to listen.

Touched by a myriad of lights.
Reflecting upon a small leaf.
Sounds blending under tall pine.
Dancing around a tree… upon crystal shores.

Copyright 2008 David Hoffmann