352MC – Ben Howard + Mickey Smith

by alexmasonphotography

Ben Howard is a massive inspiration of mine not only in terms of his music and lyrics but with his music videos. So I guess I should say that Mickey Smith the producer of his videos is an inspiration of mine.

Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 16.59.49

Screenshot from Ben Howard’s music video ‘Old Pine’

This video was actually what made me want to start making films and videos. The closeness to nature and the golden sunlight pouring through the grass as well as the time lapses of the sky just stood out to me and I couldn’t think of anything that had inspired me and given me a creative buzz more than this. Mickey Smith is a genius at what he does and will always be a massive inspiration to me with both his film making and his way of thinking about life.

Mickey Smith “Arm yourself with a grin”