352MC – We Need to Get Noticed – LED’s and Flares

by alexmasonphotography

It’s all very well and good creating a film that has a strong story with a deep meaning but for the purposes of the commercial future that I am embarking on I need to think of something innovative that is going to make me money and create longevity for my business in this competitive market.

We decided we needed something that was going to grab audiences such as competition judges, the genera public and potential clients attention. It didn’t feel like enough just filming Chris doing flips in the forest with some narrative at the beginning. We thought about getting him to flip with paint, coloured dust and colourful things and found out that had already been done.

This has had 272,000 hits on the internet.

We then thought about doing making a suit with LED’s and realised that had also been done but we were convinced that we could make a better version in terms of design and in terms of execution of filming.

This video Light Emitting Dudes has had nearly half a million hits

This is what the public like and this is what people are sharing. This is what we need to do but in the forest and with the added bonus and epic quality of having flares (not the kind that the BG’s wore)

So far a lot of unique elements we have in our film are that the majority of it takes place in a beautiful forest, we will have a morphsuit with LED’s stitched into it and we will have flares.

The flares and suit signify the idea that Chris talks about at the beginning of the film. The idea of something that kids dream of being able to do, that supernatural being that we all imagine ourselves being. We want to create an intense visual piece of film that leaves people feeling moved in some way.