352MC – Inspired Again

by alexmasonphotography

This showreel makes me jealous. It makes me wish I had filmed this but this jealousy doesn’t bring me down, if anything it brings me up and drives me to achieve and create beautiful films. I have also noticed how big there team is. Here is a list of their names as well as the people that sponsor them.

Footage by
Curt Morgan
Jared Slater
Greg Wheeler
Donny Anderson
Joe Aguirre
Chris Bryan
Dimitry Elyashkevich
Tyler Gitner
Gabe Langlois
John Trapman

Special thanks to the following:

Red Bull Media House
Helio Collective
Camp4 Collective
Godfrey Entertainment
Grizzly Creek Films
National Geographic
The North Face
Paramount Pictures
Visa Black Card