352MC – Gymnastics/Freerunning Origin

by alexmasonphotography

With freerunning being a fairly knew practice tha has been built upon other peoples creations there isn’t very much written about it online.

So where did freerunning come from. Freerunning is a development of gymnastics. It is becoming a rapidly evolving urban practice much like skateboarding and BMX’ing. A lot of people seem to thing it sprung out of nowhere and started in 2007 but who’s to say that a cave man jumping over a log wasn’t freerunning.

Gymnastics formally originated in ancient Greece, where it was used by soldiers to get ready for war. The skills and strength needed to perform gymnastic moves-running, jumping, tumbling, mounting and dismounting horses-were all thought to be great assets to those battling on the war field.

As a result, gymnastics became a vital component of Greek education. It was mandatory for all students to practice the sport and eventually the gymnasiums developed into schools where gymnastics, music, and mathematics were all taught and perfected. And as the Roman Empire gained power and ascended to the Greek peninsula, Greek gymnastics evolved into nothing more than glorified military training.

As the order of the video’s above illustrate there is a clear pattern in how freerunning was born and given a name.

It has also been said that In Western Europe the idea of moving past obstacles for personal development or sport originated with Georges Herbert He observed untrained native tribes in Africa with fantastic athletic ability and created the ‘natural method’ system to train people using the same ideas.