352MC – Personal Connection to the Film

by alexmasonphotography

Although my film has a separate narrative I also feel that this work is very personal to me in the sense that I have noticed how much I love the countryside since I have been surrounded my the concrete jungle that is Coventry. I have made some great friends here and have had some fantastic times but there is nothing quite like the joy of being in the outdoors surrounded by trees, lakes, rivers and fields.

The energy that Chris expresses when he moves is symbolic of the energy and passion I have to the forest. The bright lights of the LED suit and the flares symbolise the vivid imagery that I imagine when I am not in this forested environment. The music that was tailored for the film is music that I feel moves me in some way. The drum beat is a my heart as I reminisce on memories and the strings signify the loneliness that one can feel when they are in that place on their own.

Expressing myself through visual stimuli and creating something in a place that I am comfortable and content in comes as naturally to me as putting my shoes on.