352MC – Nature Lost by Oliver Sharpe

by alexmasonphotography

Oliver Sharpe who now works for Duckrabbit made this film about the nature and the outdoors. I absolutely love it. The peaceful minimalist music accompanying the images put me into a daze and the ambient sounds tell a story on their own. I listened to this film several times without watching the footage and tried to imagine what the footage looks like. Now having seen the footage

If only it was possible to record smell. I can imagine being in this place and I love it.

I feel the difference in structure to this film is that I could watch this film at any time throughout the film apart from the very end where we see the images in colour and still be engaged with it. The crackling fire sounding as we see the photo of the men collecting fire wood and details like that are extremely powerful. I hope to produce something similar one day. I have always believed that the work I most want to do, is the work that somebody else has already done and this is a perfect example of that. I will take note of Oliver’s attention to detail with his ambient sounds, music and visual and remember how effective it was for future projects.

As well as a few of my Colleagues at IMG19, I made sure that Oliver was at the exhibition and saw my work. He was impressed with my film and I hope that because of this, the fact that I have made a good impression with him he can be a connection for the future and we can potentially work together at some point.