352MC – Working With Music Composition

by alexmasonphotography

The music for my film Where We Began is completely bespoke. The advantage of having original music written for the film is that it doesn’t conflict with copyright issues and allows me to send the film to film festivals and competitions with ease and with the added pride and professionalism of it being one of a kind. I know that nobody else has that music and has used it in a film already. Being able to meet up with and call up the composer and tailor the music to the footage was great. We could add emphasis on certain parts of the film for example the sustained and dream like notes that are played when there is a slow motion shot.

There were certain times when it was difficult to put the footage together because we wanted the music to inspire us but Simon needed the video to inspire him. It was something that I have never had to deal with before but having experienced it as being part of producing a film I came to terms with it and we worked together on making sure we were both happy with the end result in both audio and video.

I had to communicate with Simon on a regular basis to make sure the music was being written and that I liked the sound of it. I would also have to diplomatically tell him if I didn’t like it how it was and how I wanted him to change certain parts or add more drums for instance. This was great for enhancing my skills with getting what I want and dealing with Simon in an empathetic way.

Music that inspired my choice was by a composer called Woodkid. I love the excitement that he creates with his particular song Run Boy Run. The way that the music video works with the music inspired how we expressed some of the music in the final edit of Where We Began and the music in our film is heavily structured in the same way as Run Boy Run.