Degree Show – 400 Words for Matt

by alexmasonphotography

Individual Contribution Sheet

Alex Mason

Team – Marketing/Social Media

My key roles whilst producing the degree show involved playing an active role in the IMG19 meetings I attended by getting my voice heard. I was also a part of the marketing idea of hosting the weekly competitions during some of the early meetings of planning the IMG19 identity and Facebook group. I nominated myself for the job of marketing through social media. When posting peoples work on the Facebook page I tried to keep consistency in order to show professionalism and build excitement without boring the viewers. We also held a few competitions online for the followers to interact with and engage with, without making them feel like they are just ‘liking’ a page on Facebook to clog up their news feed. I would also post a link to the image makers personal page on the IMG19 website to generate more traffic in that direction and make people realise how serious we are and increase each individual’s exposure.

Apart from being a great way to show off what we will be showing at the exhibition it is also a great way of boosting moral amongst my peers and encourage the group to keep on pushing to that end goal of finishing the degree and having a fantastic degree show full of high quality work. This job involved me having to manage my own time and other peoples. People were very willing to send me their images and cooperated very well.

I also played a key part in preparing the gallery space by painting, carrying walls into the space, scrubbing paint off the floors, cleaning windows, hoovering and getting rid of rubbish whilst at the same time trying to maintain the space by continuing this throughout the week before the exhibition.

Since working with the IMG19 Team I have become aware about what I like doing when working in a big team. I like to work hard on the things I do and encourage people to do the same as well as being around positive people that are looking to achieve a high quality end product, which in this case was the IMG19 degree show.