352MC – Duckrabbit (Oliver Sharpe)

by alexmasonphotography

logo_b3A week ago Oliver Sharpe from Duckrabbit came in to talk to us about his experience with leaving university and being in full time employment.


We deconstructed a film that Duckrabbit had made and focussed on certain components that they will use in all of their films. Ambient sounds, establishing shots, portraits, close ups. “Always take lots of close ups they save the day a lot for editors”. Close ups are great for cutting away and can often be used to symbolise and make the viewer imagine and interpret.

Oliver was extremely down to earth and honest about how it was leaving university. He came to the opening night of the exhibition and shook my hand after watching my film and congratulated me by saying “I f**king loved it, that was awesome”. It was great to hear from somebody that is in the business. Although Duckrabbits films are more factual than certain parts of the film I made it was reassuring to hear that he enjoyed it because I am a big fan of the work that Duckrabbit produce.

Oliver did mention that there are a lot of theatrics used when it comes to producing their work. They will ask their subject to do something again but only if they have already done it in the first place and they also can edit to emphasise and draw peoples attention to certain things. To hear this information from somebody that works for an award winning production company is great advice and I look forward to applying this knowledge to the future work that AJ Media produce.