352MC – Opening Night

by alexmasonphotography

The opening night of the exhibition was a huge success. There were a large number of people that turned up and I think the marketing that IMG19 did as a group had an impact on this.

I received some positive feedback from various people on the night. Shaun Hydes asked me where I saw this film going and what it was made for. My response was that this film was made to lift me out of university into a positive place and I would say something along the lines of this to whoever would ask me.

“I will use this film to gain commercial work such as promo videos, music videos and advertisements as well as try and gain some exposure through competitions and film festivals. It is the first of many films that will be going under the AJ Media umbrella and a strong and interesting one to grab peoples attention and get our name out there.”

We have displayed technical skills, narrative skills, creativity and originality. The film will act as a showreel of AJ Media’s ability.