352MC – Why I Didn’t Loop

by alexmasonphotography

I had a fair few people before and during the exhibition suggesting that I put the film on a loop and there are several reasons as to why I haven’t done this. Firstly the film is split into three sections the beginning, the middle and the end. I wouldn’t pick up a book and start reading it on page 67 and I wouldn’t go to the cinema and start watching a film half way through.

I can see how it would draw people in to the film but the way the film is constructed with the music and the narration and the climax with the LED suit it would seem a shame for somebody to listen or start watching half way through the climax.

On the opening of the exhibition the film was being watched so much that there was actually a queue and I think it is also more intuitive for somebody to press play and bring it back to the beginning than to know whether to stop the film in the middle and drag it back. Either way it is supposed to be viewed from beginning to end to appreciate the feeling I wanted people to leave with. A lot of goosebumps were felt that night.