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352MC – Evaluation

A quality that people admire of mine is that I have an idea and I stick to it and have done this throughout my 3 years at university. Seven months ago I decided to make a film about a freerunner. I am fascinated with how freerunners move and how they push their bodies to the limit and do things that the average joe isn’t capable of. My passion for this niche fascination started when I was watching the Olympic gymnastics at my dad’s house. I couldn’t comprehend how they do what they do. I met Chris Kinally (the freerunner in my film) whilst shooting the behind the scenes for a promo for a clothing company Lift Performance Apparel. I hated not having control over the composition of the main shoot and with this in mind I made a strong effort to get to know Chris in the long day that we shared together because I had a vision of making a film with him. The idea was to break away from the concrete tower blocks and grey urban environments that we associate with freerunning and show people the magic that is revealed when this practice takes place in a rural and forested environment.

A lot of my inspiration for this film came from my own memories and experiences but also from artists such as Bertil Nilsson who expertly photographs movement which relates to my film as well as Laura Hynd, Mickey Smith and Oliver Sharpe who all have a closeness with the outdoors.

Managing the production of the film was a steep learning curve for me and many hurdles were conquered during the process. Being able to apply my skills in communicating and making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time enforced my self-belief that I can succeed in producing as well as managing the logistics of a film. Having been in conversation with various other filmmakers that are making a name for themselves, it informed my practice and has built my confidence when approaching this competitive market. I have been building professional relationships with various production companies across the UK and US by asking for guidance and assistance. I would do this by sending my teaser video to a large number of people. After building rapport with these people I would then ask them a favour which was to borrow a Sony FS 700. I would give the companies the incentive of being credited on my film. People were impressed with the amount of interest and statistics on the teaser video and I heard back from the majority that I pitched to. My drive and perseverance for success assisted the positive outcome of being lent the camera.

I would return home from university on multiple occasions and have to deal with logistical problems such as the unpredictable British weather, Chris’ injuries and the fact that there we could only shoot on Sundays. I believe I have demonstrated a high level of story telling, directing, editing and producing as well as collaborating with my business partner James and a composer for an original soundtrack. This is the first film James and I have collaborated to produce together to fit under our company title ‘AJ Media’. We will utilise this film in our pitches to companies to promote our work in hope for perpetual business.

In eager anticipation for putting myself in a successful position for exiting university I believe I have demonstrated numerous attributes that are needed in order to prosper in this competitive market.




352MC – Why I Didn’t Loop

I had a fair few people before and during the exhibition suggesting that I put the film on a loop and there are several reasons as to why I haven’t done this. Firstly the film is split into three sections the beginning, the middle and the end. I wouldn’t pick up a book and start reading it on page 67 and I wouldn’t go to the cinema and start watching a film half way through.

I can see how it would draw people in to the film but the way the film is constructed with the music and the narration and the climax with the LED suit it would seem a shame for somebody to listen or start watching half way through the climax.

On the opening of the exhibition the film was being watched so much that there was actually a queue and I think it is also more intuitive for somebody to press play and bring it back to the beginning than to know whether to stop the film in the middle and drag it back. Either way it is supposed to be viewed from beginning to end to appreciate the feeling I wanted people to leave with. A lot of goosebumps were felt that night.


352MC – Duckrabbit (Oliver Sharpe)

logo_b3A week ago Oliver Sharpe from Duckrabbit came in to talk to us about his experience with leaving university and being in full time employment.


We deconstructed a film that Duckrabbit had made and focussed on certain components that they will use in all of their films. Ambient sounds, establishing shots, portraits, close ups. “Always take lots of close ups they save the day a lot for editors”. Close ups are great for cutting away and can often be used to symbolise and make the viewer imagine and interpret.

Oliver was extremely down to earth and honest about how it was leaving university. He came to the opening night of the exhibition and shook my hand after watching my film and congratulated me by saying “I f**king loved it, that was awesome”. It was great to hear from somebody that is in the business. Although Duckrabbits films are more factual than certain parts of the film I made it was reassuring to hear that he enjoyed it because I am a big fan of the work that Duckrabbit produce.

Oliver did mention that there are a lot of theatrics used when it comes to producing their work. They will ask their subject to do something again but only if they have already done it in the first place and they also can edit to emphasise and draw peoples attention to certain things. To hear this information from somebody that works for an award winning production company is great advice and I look forward to applying this knowledge to the future work that AJ Media produce.

352MC – Opening Night

The opening night of the exhibition was a huge success. There were a large number of people that turned up and I think the marketing that IMG19 did as a group had an impact on this.

I received some positive feedback from various people on the night. Shaun Hydes asked me where I saw this film going and what it was made for. My response was that this film was made to lift me out of university into a positive place and I would say something along the lines of this to whoever would ask me.

“I will use this film to gain commercial work such as promo videos, music videos and advertisements as well as try and gain some exposure through competitions and film festivals. It is the first of many films that will be going under the AJ Media umbrella and a strong and interesting one to grab peoples attention and get our name out there.”

We have displayed technical skills, narrative skills, creativity and originality. The film will act as a showreel of AJ Media’s ability.




352MC – LED Suit

There are several reasons as to why I decided to have Chris freerunning in an LED suit. One of which was that we want to have something to astound people and show of our skills and creative thinking but also due to the fact that this is a collaborative piece I want Chris’ career as a freerunner to be as fruitful and positive as my film-making career has the potential to be. It also shows dedication to the film and belief that we can create something innovative and fresh.

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 16.49.16

This is something that we can see trending all over the internet. Slow motion, fire, flares, smoke and a super hero and dream like character that we have all imagined ourselves to be. This will appeal to the mass of internet users out there that are looking for their fix of epic video and can be appreciated by almost anyone.

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 16.49.27



352MC – Working With Music Composition

The music for my film Where We Began is completely bespoke. The advantage of having original music written for the film is that it doesn’t conflict with copyright issues and allows me to send the film to film festivals and competitions with ease and with the added pride and professionalism of it being one of a kind. I know that nobody else has that music and has used it in a film already. Being able to meet up with and call up the composer and tailor the music to the footage was great. We could add emphasis on certain parts of the film for example the sustained and dream like notes that are played when there is a slow motion shot.

There were certain times when it was difficult to put the footage together because we wanted the music to inspire us but Simon needed the video to inspire him. It was something that I have never had to deal with before but having experienced it as being part of producing a film I came to terms with it and we worked together on making sure we were both happy with the end result in both audio and video.

I had to communicate with Simon on a regular basis to make sure the music was being written and that I liked the sound of it. I would also have to diplomatically tell him if I didn’t like it how it was and how I wanted him to change certain parts or add more drums for instance. This was great for enhancing my skills with getting what I want and dealing with Simon in an empathetic way.

Music that inspired my choice was by a composer called Woodkid. I love the excitement that he creates with his particular song Run Boy Run. The way that the music video works with the music inspired how we expressed some of the music in the final edit of Where We Began and the music in our film is heavily structured in the same way as Run Boy Run.